Facts on agro-kontakt GmbH

As agency for PR and marketing communication, agro-kontakt Dr. Wolfgang Schiffer GmbH is specialised on business-to-business communication.

Since the foundation in 1978, we implement comprehensive communication services for companies and organisations in the agri-business.

Presently, agro-kontakt attends to more than 35 companies and organisations. With a business volume of more than 1.5 million Euro, we are one of the smaller players amongst the big agencies. This becomes evident in the personal support we provide.




General manager:


General manager / proprietors are members of the Association of German Agricultural Journalists (Verband Deutscher Agrarjournalisten – VDAJ) and the German Federation of Journalists (Deutscher Journalisten-Verband – DJV).

The agency is located at Hermannshof, Nörvenich.